Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Premise - Character A Day #12

Random Prompt: Retro Ninja

Premise - Film Idea

I start where I am in the project now
Sketching characters through the random prompts
When I decide who goes forward the characters start bickering and selling themselves to me to be the one to go forward
I get annoyed and Just take one of them while the others are still bickering

And then it goes from that to like
And the character is talking to me while i'm doing this like: OH LOOK THIS IS ALL VERY NICE BUT HOW WOULD I WORK IN 3D
Exploring design for the one i take forward

and as i’m modelling its like: WHERES MY NOSE CAN I HAVE A NOSE NOW
Then at the end when it's all impressed with itself
Then when its done
In the turnaround and rig demos its like: Oh my god look i’m so cool i’m moving! Look at what I can do now~
I close everything
And say: right who's next?
Go back to my designs
Who are still bickering


The film goes through the Pipeline from my point of view but with the characters moving and talking through it as well. Essentially putting my struggle with premise at the center of the film.

It would be a mix of 2D, Live action, 3D and Screen-Recordings as I work through the pipeline.

Video Inspiration:

Premise - Character A Day #11

Random Prompt: Satanic Prince/Princess

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Premise - Character A Day #8

Random Prompt: Bohemian Magical Girl

Premise - Character A Day #7

Random Prompt: Tribal Demon

This design was based on the Obayifo. A Blood Sucking Demon told in tales from the Ashanti people of Ghana.